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  Sequoia Scientific Products in Belgium and France

Dear Madam, Sir,

Sequoia Scientific Inc. develops instruments for the in situ measurements  of particle size, size distribution and concentration of suspended sediment. They use state of the art technology : laser diffraction, holography and high frequency acoustic backscatter.

For the represenation of their LISST-products in Belgium and France, Sequoia Scientific Inc. has an exclusive agreement with our company ROVIN BVBA.

Rovin will take care of sales, after sales and full maintenance of their products.
For all your technincal and commercial questions regarding Sequoia products, please contact 
Jeroen Vercruysse +32 (0)486 768755
Jean-Jacques De Rey +32 (0)498 515484

Any repair and alignments will be carried out by our own staff, who are for this purpose fully trained by Sequioa.

We are looking forward to a good and intensive cooperation.
Please enjoy the rest of this newsletter.

Kind regards,

Jeroen Vercruysse

The two newest products in the LISST family:


The first low cost acoustic backscatter sensor.

Displays in real time Suspended Sediment Concentration. 

It is a new sensor, using 8MH frequency.
The results have a superior response on particle size between 30 and 400 micron, compared to an OBS sensor.
  LISST-200X :

The new workhorse of the Lisst family, superseding the Lisst 100X.

Half the size of the previous Lisst 100X, but much more powerful in use.
Size range is 1 -500 micron in 36 size ranges, depth range is 600m, new data structure, analog output of mean size and volume concentration, plug and play with other equipment such as CTD's...

 More info about all the Lisst instruments can be found on our website.

Particles in Europe (PiE) conference 2016
  We are happy to invite you to the next ‘Particles in Europe’ (PiE)  conference 2016.

PiE will be held in Budapest, Hungary, from Monday October 3th until Wednesday October 5th. 2016.

All info regarding PiE 2016 can be found here

IAHR "Symposium on Hydraulic Machinery and systems"  in Grenoble
  In July, Rovin participated in the IAHR conference in Grenoble :
"Symposium on Hydraulic Machinery and systems

Yogi Agrawal, president of Sequoia Scientific held a lecture about following topic :

"Technologies and Experience with Monitoring sediments for protecting Turbines from Abrasion"

Yogi's article can be found here

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